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Flea 2.5 Game - Play online at Y8.com

Game details. As a little flea, climb up walls & do multiple jumps in the air to reach new platforms & the exit. Added on 09 Aug 2015.

What Are 2.5D Games? How They Differ From 2D and 3D Games

To put it simply, a 2.5D game is one that portrays a 3D environment while incorporating 2D gameplay. Or, a game that uses seemingly 3D gameplay but uses 2D sprites instead of 3D models. It might even come down to the perspective from which you view the game. So, for example, a game may be played from an isometric perspective.

The Game - The Documentary 2.5 - Amazon.com Music

And I had kind of written him off. Doc 2.5 is a return to what made him a star in the first place. Its his most balanced album, quality wise, in a long time. The first disc is cool but it gets spotty toward the 2nd half. Disc 2.5 keeps the meter mid to high throughout. All the guest show up and show out also.

Play Castle Wars 2.5, a free online game on Kongregate

Castle wars 2.5 is a turn based strategic card game built on Ants (Game) and the Arco mage concept. The game mechanics are similar to games in the same genre s...

Amazon.com: Small World - Board Game, 2-5 Players : Toys & Games

For 2-5 players. 40-95 minutes of play time. Designed by Philippe Keyaerts as a fantasy follow-up to his award-winning Vinci. Vie for conquest and control of a world that is too small to accommodate everyone. Features two double-sided game boards, one for each of four possible player configurations.

Occupation 2.5 on Steam

About This Game. 1st/3rd person shooter. Scientists have discovered an ancient alien artifact. It was activated and a giant alien mothership appears in orbit of the Earth. People began to turn into zombies and monsters. Most governments collude with extraterrestrials.

2.5D - Wikipedia

2.5D perspective refers to one of two things: Gameplay or movement in a video game or virtual reality environment that is restricted to a two-dimensional plane with little to no access to a third dimension in a space that otherwise appears to be three-dimensional 2D graphical projections and similar techniques used to cause images or scenes to simulate the appearance of being three-dimensional when in fact they are not. By contrast, games, spaces or perspectives not restricted in these ways are

Warrior cats Game 2.5 - Studios

Meh version of warrior cats studio:3. Leafpool-Spottedleaf fans! Warrior cat and ninja games only and dragon rps. CATZ. Warriors Cats Meerowwwww! incognetoboy123's friends and followers. Unnoticed \ ignored to Super popular! Anything Is Possible!/Crazy For Animals! warriors.